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Heavy Duty Tree/Rock Sliders for Discovery

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Our commitment to you.

We pride ourselves on providing valued customers with the highest quality products. If something is worth buying then it should offer fantastic value and great protection.
A range of side steps, rock sliders, and tree sliders are available so you can select your perfect addition. If it's a step to help your children gain access to the seats or a tubular tree slider with the sturdiest protection we offer it all. Complete corrosion resistance, easy to clean and maintain with our thoughtful in-house design, our sliders have inspired other companies with their designs.

Testing, testing

Understanding that sliders, side protection bars, body armour; whatever you want to call them; are no use if they only look pretty; they have to protect, and our sliders are; designed to do just that.
We enjoy off-road, we've damaged vehicles doing so, and we have used that experience to design our sliders for optimum performance; we test the end result of our design in real-world situations. Mud, water, rocks, and tree stumps are; utilised; to thoroughly try the sliders against all eventualities.

Discovery 2 Tree SlidersDiscovery 2 Tree Slders 60mm

Supplied with all required fixings and fittings, please note that we recommend that your sills are in good condition before fitting this product.
Drilling of your sills and a moderate level of technical ability is required to fit this product.

Prices start from £300 for sliders with 48mm tube treebar.
We offer variants, including 60mm tube and chequer plate tops.
Please contact us for more information.


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